The Interface Financial Group (IFG) provides financial resources (spot factoring, invoice discounting) to clients in over 30 industries. With over 150 offices and over 40 years of experience, IFG is ready to meet your short-term financing needs. We service companies in the North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.



The Interface Financial Group is always seeking highly competent individuals with a variety of skills and abilities who are enthusiastic about various opportunities in marketing, finance and business.

If you wish to enter into this exciting and developing industry by working for IFG, one of the leading spot factoring companies, and you feel you have the right qualifications and ability to work in this environment, please e-mail your enquiry and resume to

"Without IFG we would have had a tough time finding funding for our contracts. You and your team go above and beyond in helping small companies meet there financial needs”

Joseph H Haggler IV, President Quartus Corporation

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